A Historic Night

Hillary Clinton Loses Fight For Nomination

Hillary Clinton Congratulates Herself On 2nd-Place Finish

Hillary Clinton had praise for the campaign of Hillary Clinton.
Richieville News Service – NEW YORK, NY
To mark a historic night for the Democratic Party and for the nation, Hillary Clinton took to the stage here and congratulated herself for running the first significant losing campaign by a woman for the candidacy of either major political party. Senator Clinton, addressing a room packed with supporters of the Clinton campaign, spoke with great emotion about all that Hillary Clinton has stood for during Hillary Clinton’s long career. 
As the Clinton loyalists chanted, “On to Denver!” and “Hillary! Hillary!”Senator Clinton listed the many accomplishments of the campaign to elect Hillary Clinton, pointing out that it has taken the message of Hillary Clinton to every state, despite the attempts to silence the voices of the supporters of Hillary Clinton.
“So many people said this race was over five months ago,” Clinton said, reminding the Clinton faithful of their determination to press on for the causes that Hillary Clinton spends her life fighting for. Senator Clinton then thanked all those who had voted for Hillary Clinton, as well as those who had prayed for Hillary Clinton and given Hillary Clinton the strength to carry on the sixteen-month campaign for the election of Hillary Clinton. She made it clear that even though she came in second, as far as Hillary Clinton was concerned, Hillary Clinton was still the best candidate. 
Standing nearby and giving Senator Clinton support were her husband, the former President Bill Hillary Clinton Clinton and Senator Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Hillary Clinton Clinton. 
Vowing to spend the next few days thinking about the next steps for Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton called on those who had voted for Hillary Clinton or given money to Hillary Clinton or ever thought about Hillary Clinton or wished they had never heard the name Hillary Clinton or just can’t stop repeating the words Hillary Clinton to send in their suggestions to Hillary Clinton at Hillary Clinton’s website, hillaryclinton.com.
“Hillary Clinton,” said Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton.”
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Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.

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