Border Trouble

Iraq-Pakistan Border Situation Grave

Czechoslovakia To Send Troops
The Iraq-Pakistan border conflict threatens to spread to other regions.

Richieville News Service – BABYLONIA

The situation along the border between Iraq and Pakistan, first reported by Senator John McCain, grew more serious today, alarming foreign policy experts who maintain that the border does not exist. The crisis threatened to spill over into the neighboring countries of Iceland and Argentina and worried observers as far away as Siam and Rhodesia.

Czechoslovakia, often cited by Senator McCain and which ceased to be a nation in 1993, offered to send troops to the troubled region and said its armored brigade would be joined by a cavalry regiment from the Holy Roman Empire and several legions from Carthage, although the latter could not be confirmed. The hope is to keep the Iraq-Pakistan border dispute from disrupting trade along the Silk Road to Cathay as well as stop raids by marauding bands of orcs from Mordor.
Senator McCain said in a statement released today that his knowledge of the situation along the Iraq-Pakistan border showed that he, and not his rival, Senator Barack Obama, has the foreign policy experience to successfully end the conflict between Mesopotamia and the thirteen colonies.

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