Highway Robbery

New York Cab Drivers 
Dispute Ayn Rand
Have No Ideological Justification 
For Cheating Customers
Richieville News Service – New York City
Hundreds of New York City cab drivers who were caught overcharging customers continued to insist today that they had no self-justifying philosophical or political rationale for their deeds and were, in their own words, “just crooks.”
“No, this has nothing to do with helping the economy grow, or creating innovation in the marketplace,” said Abayomi Ede, a spokesman for the drivers, as he waited for his hearing at the Taxi and Limousine Commission. “We’re just crooks. We don’t have any excuses for robbing people. You must be thinking of bankers.”
New York City has moved to revoke the licenses of 633 taxi drivers who together had overcharged thousands of passengers. Yet the cabbies steadfastly refuse to justify their misdeeds by placing them in the context of laissez-faire capitalism or theories of free market economics.
Mr. Ede did admit that some of the drivers had been tempted to do so. “There was  a bunch of guys in the Bronx who wanted us to read Ayn Rand,” he said. “They thought we could say that charging out-of-towners ten times the legal fare was an example of ethical egoism, but we told them that concept was part of the objectivist fallacy  and suggested they read Michael Sandel instead.”
“I just want to make it clear,” Mr. Ede added impatiently. “That when I tell some Japanese tourist that the shortest way from JFK to Manhattan is through Hackensack, I don’t think the invisible hand of the market is going to balance it out. Do I look like I work for the Heritage Foundation?  We’re not Libertarians, we’re not Milton Friedmanites, we don’t believe in enlightened self-interest. We just like to take other people’s money.”
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