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Gay Marriage Legal In Argentina
Texas School Board Removes Country From Textbooks

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Richieville News Service – AUSTIN

In a move hailed by conservative groups, the Texas School Board today announced it was removing the country of Argentina from its geography curriculum, and that the South American nation would no longer appear on maps and globes used in the state.

“If the people of Argentina want to condone gay marriage,  that’s their business,” said Herbert R. Sowerberry, a member of the board. “But gay marriage is not going to be taught in our schools – and neither is the existence of Argentina.”

Other geographic areas to be banned from Texas school materials include: Iceland, Canada, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico City, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa. “And if California changes it mind again, they’re out, too,” Mr. Sowerberry insisted.

School board members seemed unconcerned that Texas school children might grow up unaware of large sections of Europe, South America and most of New England. “Heck, they don’t know about evolution, the Big Bang theory or the Enlightenment and they seem to do just fine,” said Mr. Sowerberry. “I mean, they might not be able to become airline pilots or plan a car trip from Nebraska to Illinois, but at least they won’t be corrupted by  knowing that two adults of the same sex can declare their undying love for one another.”
Mr. Sowerberry acknowledged that even though Argentina would no longer appear in the Texas curriculum, it would continue to exist as the second largest country in South America. “Yeah, that’s a problem,” he said. “We have the right to keep the children of Texas in ignorance, but the School Board doesn’t have the right  to invade another country, not yet. But we could always change the textbooks to say we do.”

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  • This goes along way in improving my understanding of Texans in general and prior presidents from the state of Texas.

    Thanks to Richieville I learn more and more everyday. Soon he will be appearing in textbooks in Texas now that they have more and more space.

    A Fan

  • Unfortunately, Richieville only appears in geography books that are published in Richieville. We are trying to make the books available to the non-Richieville public.

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