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Koreans Protest “Mad Cowboys”

Government Near Collapse Due To Translation Error
Angry South Koreans say no to “mad cowboys.”

Richieville News Service – SEOUL, South Korea
Tens of thousands of South Koreans took to the streets today, inflamed by mistaken reports that their government had lifted a ban on the importation of American, “mad cowboys.”  Carrying signs that read “No Mad Cowboys!” and “George Bush Go Home!” over 80,000 demonstrators in central Seoul tried to march on the presidential Blue House. In response to the outpouring of anger, the cabinet of president Lee Myung-bak offered to resign.
The demonstrators did not appear to accept President Lee’s explanation that the government had not lifted a ban on “mad cowboys,” but on American beef, which had been banned five years ago due to fears of mad cow disease. Apparently a botched translation has led to widespread rumors that President George Bush is moving to South Korea after he leaves office next January. 
“You keep your mad U.S. cowboys,” shouted protestor Hong Min-jae, as he prepared to do battle with riot police. “And your mad cows, too. We don’t want either. But if we have to choose, we’ll take the mad cows.”

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