Mosque Mania Part II

Ground Zero Mosque 
To Perform Gay Marriages

NY Islamic Center Will Also 
Aid Illegal Immigrants

Richieville News Service – NEW YORK CITY

Republican leaders redoubled their criticisms of the plan to build an Islamic community center, including a mosque, near the Ground Zero site in downtown Manhattan, saying that not only would the center be an insult to the, “hallowed ground,” of the September 11 attacks, but they have information that the Imam of the planned mosque intends to conduct gay marriages there.

“This just gets worse and worse,” said Roy Sowerberry,  a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. “Every time we turn around we find out something else  about this project  that we made up.  Not only is the day care center in this place going to turn out Islamic terrorist toddlers, but those babies  are going to have two fathers.”

Mr. Sowerberry did not explain how the Imam will be able to wed gay couples, since same-sex marriage is not legal in New York State. He did insist, however, that in addition to supporting Islamo-fascism and the destruction of the American family, the center would also be used to aid illegal immigrants from Latin America.

“That’s right,” Mr. Sowerberry added, “those terrorist gay babies won’t even know how to speak English. After they blow you up, they’ll steal your job while their gay parents kiss in public!”

The GOP spokesman added his voice to the chorus of Republican criticism of President Obama on this issue. “We think voters will rightfully be afraid of the President’s Islamic, Hispanic, homosexual agenda and vote against it this fall. And if they don’t, we’ll think of something else that will frighten them.”

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