Show Me Your Papers

New York Passes Anti-Arizona 
Immigration Bill
Police Say, “We’ll Know Them When We See Them.”
Richieville News Service – NEW YORK CITY
The New York City Council today passed a city ordinance requiring police and other city officials to stop and question any person who seemed as though he or she “might have something to do with those nut jobs in Arizona.”  Council members denied that any sot of profiling, racial or otherwise, was being mandated, although they acknowledged it would be difficult to identify characteristics of the typical Arizona tourist.
“I think we just look for someone who’s a little off,” said Police Sergeant James Dominguez. “Like they’ve been spending too much time in the sun, or maybe they have a pistol strapped to their leg when they go into Starbucks.  You know, anything kind of Arizona-like.”
The new law also authorizes citizens to “stop and question,” suspected Arizonians. The ordinance also includes suggested language for questioning once it has been confirmed that the suspect is indeed from Arizona, including, “Like, what’s up with your state, dude?”
However, the law does not provide for further action, “We’re not empowered to arrest someone just because they’re from Arizona, explained officer Dominguez. “I mean this isn’t Nazi Germany – or even Arizona.”

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