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After Killing Eleven On Aid Ships
Richieville News Service – HAIFA
The nation of Israel was the suddenly and brutally attacked today, facing aggression on all sides as its enemies continued to question or even criticize its unprovoked massacre of unarmed peace activists in international waters. The attacks on the Jewish state continued unabated, and threatened to stretch into more than one news cycle, even after Israeli officials expressed regret over the deaths of the activists, who were aboard a flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip. The unprovoked attack on Israel brought words of fierce condemnation from members of the international diplomatic community.
“Why is everything always our fault?” said Fanny Glembotski, President of the  West Palm Beach Haddasah. “It’s not Israel’s fault that those civilians, including a Nobel Peace Laureate and dozens of  legislators from numerous countries, were unarmed. Everyone is always ganging up on us.”
Ms. Glembotski was also scathing in her criticism of Jewish peace activists who  were siding with Israel’s enemies during this crisis. “They should be ashamed of themselves,” she said. “Do their parents know what they’re doing?”
Rabbi  Fishel Jacobs, of the lobbying group ACSINMW (American Committee To Support Israel No Matter What) issued a statement. “Although the sequence of events leading to the tragic loss of life is still unknown, and may in fact be unknowable, Israel clearly had no choice but to pursue a course, whatever it was, which led to this regrettable incident, whatever it was. And although we’re still not sure exactly what happened, we’re sure the Israeli actions, if there were any, were completely justified.”

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