Yes, You Can!

Swedes Prove Conclusively 
That Men Can Change Diapers
Country Fears International Backlash

Richieville News Service – STOCKHOLM
Having proved beyond a doubt that fathers, given the right training and incentives, can become competent caregivers for children, this Scandinavian nation braced itself for the inevitable backlash from men in other nations who now have absolutely no excuse for avoiding bottle feeding, burping, diaper changing and ass-wiping.

“We’re sorry, but facts are facts,” said Jan Janjansonson, Swedish Undersecretary of  Health for Toddler Wellbeing and Appreciation (Age 20 to 36 Months). “No matter what they say, men are quite capable of wiping a dirty bottom. Sorry, guys.”

The evidence of male diaper-changing ability is the result of the Swedish law, instituted in 1995, that sets aside two months of parental leave specifically for fathers.  Swedish couples get over one year of paid parental leave for each child they have. Men don’t have to take the two months off, but then that subsidy is lost to the family. As a result of this policy, 85 percent of Swedish fathers take time off from their jobs to be with their children, with no reported increase in child mortality rates, divorce or mental illness for either parents or offspring.  
Mr. Janjansonson said that in recent months, the Ministry of Health has been deluged with angry and often threatening emails and text messages from men in other countries, whose wives apparently keep asking them why they can’t be, “more Swedish.” In spite of this, he said the government had no plans to end the program. But he did have some words of advice for disgruntled fathers worldwide.
“They could go for marriage counseling,”  he suggested. “It’s just too bad they don’t live in Sweden – we subsidize that, too.”

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