I, Spy? Part II

Facebook Creates New “Foreign Spy” Status
Vows To Keep Information Private
Better check your friends list.
Richieville News Service – PALO ALTO
Delivering what it said was another improvement in service, the social networking site Facebook today announced that its 300 million users would now be able to choose “foreign spy” as a status for their profile pages. The announcement came soon after news that at least one of the alleged members of the recently-arrested Russian spy ring had a Facebook page
“This is what Facebook is all about, telling the world who you are and connecting with other people just like you,” said Mindy Lammle, Facebook Vice-President for Personality Definition. “This is especially important when you’re just starting out, infiltrating a new country. It makes it so much easier to stay in touch.”
Ms. Lammle promised that thanks to new Facebook privacy controls, spies would be able to limit viewers of their profiles to “friends,” “friends of friends,” or “friends in high-level government jobs.” She said it would be easy for foreign agents to set up their profile pages, using Facebook’s automated system to search their computers and upload their address books and she added that Facebook would never share  spies’ private information, including safe house addresses, secret codes and of course, name of employer.
Although so far  it has only been alleged that Russian spies are on Facebook, Ms. Lammle said she was sure the new status option would show that agents of many countries are already on the network. “People put everything on Facebook,” she said. “Why not this?”
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