Dream On

Palin Calls On GOP To Fund 
Inception Research
Dream Invasion Technology To Replace Fox News

Is it all a dream?

Richieville News Service – WASHINGTON, D.C.
Saying that, “techno progress,” would lead to new advances in, “thinkology,” former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin called on her party to immediately fund research into dream manipulation technology as depicted in the hit movie, Inception.

“Dream interceding would be an excellent way for us to refudiate the lies of the liberal media,” she said, via Twitter.

Later, on her Facebook page, the former part-term Governor of Alaska said that it would be wrong to, “misunderestimate the power of brainwave interprelating as a way to overcome the filternation of the press and speak in a directnified way right at the populaticon.”

Some minutes later, apparently after being informed that the technology in the movie was entirely fictional and impossible to replicate in the real world, Ms. Palin, host of the Discovery Channel series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, posted a new Twitter message.
“People make up new technological all the time. Edison made up new science. So did Albert Eisenhower. Why shouldn’t we?”
Finally, Ms. Palin sought to clarify her previous remarks with another post on Facebook.
“Language is a livable thing.  So is reality. Shakespeare made up new words and we can make up new reality. Just see what I can dream up. You betcha!”
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