Drill Team

GOP Calls For Exploratory Drilling 

To Find Non-Leaking Wells

Richieville News Service – WASHINGTON, D.C.
Criticizing President Obama’s moratorium on new offshore oil wells as harmful to the economy, leading Republicans and some Democrats called for a program of exploratory drilling to find wells that wouldn’t leak.
“We know that the oil spill in the Gulf has made drilling unpopular,” said Harry G. Shaver, a Republican strategist. “But the solution is simple – just find wells that don’t leak. And how do you find wells that don’t leak? You drill for them.”
The administration has ordered a halt of all activity on deepwater rigs similar to the one that exploded in April, killing 11 workers, until the causes of the disaster are better understood. But Gulf Coast politicians like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have been sharply critical of  the policy, saying the halt is not necessary.

Mr. Shaver agreed. “We’re only thinking of the poor oil workers,” he said. “Why should we shut down rigs that haven’t exploded? It just doesn’t make sense. This moratorium on drilling will create an economic disaster. Why, it could ruin this area for years to come.  It could destroy our way of life. Can you imagine something like that?”

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